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Email Preview

Preview any email sent to your customer to make sure it meets your expectation.

Advanced Targeting & Delivery Filters

Don't miss the reviews

Send emails to past customers. Import orders from the past 30 days.


Send emails when an order is Confirmed, Shipped, or Delivered.

Time travel

Choose how many days should go by before sending the email.

Control time

Choose the exact hour in the day to deliver your email. Your in control.

ASINs & Fulfillment

Include or exclude certain ASINs to any email. Target your emails to orders that are fulfilled by Amazon, Merchant, or Both.


Filter emails by the total price. Target promo code users and send special thank you emails to your high paying customers.

Remove Negative Feedback


Request to Remove Negative Feedback

Send an email from ri-vyoo's interface to request removal of feedback. Remove feedback in 2 clicks.

Resolve Customer Issues Privately

Respond to negative or neutral feedback directly from our platform. Once an issue is resolved, you can request the customer to remove their feedback.

Silence Stubborn Buyers

Access Amazon directly from our interface to leave a public response, so all potential buyers can see your professional attitude and exceptional customer service.

Custom Subject Line

Improve open rates by writing irresistible subject lines that customers can't ignore.


Add personal notes to orders to document and keep track of anything important

Pending & Sent Emails

View a detailed report of all pending and sent emails. View information like send date, order Id, buyer name, item ordered, email preview, etc.

All These Features and more!

ri-vyoo is dedicated to constantly updating and bringing you the strongest tools to improve your Amazon sales


Time is Money

ri-vyoo saves your precious time by sending captivating e-mails to your customers.

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